Logan Woods,Crystal White,Simone Perry

Swords, Sandals & Sex – A Sexy Bundle of 3 Historical, Medieval, Ancient and Fantasy Erotica Stories from Steam Books

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BONUS! This ebook also contains a preview of the hot novelette "Captured" by Annette Archer.
Fantasies of the sexual and historical variety collide in SWORDS, SANDALS & SEX, a collection of three tales from a trio of erotica's most potent artists: Simone Perry, Logan Woods, and Crystal White. Travel back in time to the Middle Ages or ancient Greece and discover lustful exchanges between maidens, knights, royalty and divinity.
This bundle includes (also available separately):
As a valiant knight is left to rot in a dungeon for three years, his world is suddenly turned upside down by a strange twist of fate. A beautiful, yet mysterious elf steals his heart and forces him to not give up hope and fight for his freedom. But, what lies in store for these two unlikely lovers? Can a saucy romance really blossom in times of war?
Dione enters the Temple of Astarte in ancient Tyre, fearing that she is to be punished, which is indeed the reason she has been called before the Goddess herself. She has missed worship, because she has fallen in love with Marcellus …but Marcellus ends up being her salvation because he is a god himself, the brother of Astarte, and when Dione makes love with Marcellus, a special, magical bond between them allows Astarte to feel their pleasure herself..
Princess Evelyn is cruel and unfair, sending out sentences without understanding their full consequences. Silas Barlow, a mighty soldier who is head of the guard and responsible for dolling out the punishments that Evelyn sentences, is getting tired of having to deal with minor infractions being treated like major ones. He's about ready to give the princess a taste of her own medicine.
WARNING: This 12,358-word compilation is an explosive read that features explicit content and might be too much for timid readers!

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