Linn B.Halton

A Summer Wedding at the Cornish Manor

This summer, save the date for Renweneth Farm's very first wedding!
As the seasons change, so do the lives of those who call the farm home. Bustling with activity in anticipation of a busy Spring, it's all go with Jess and Riley's wedding on the horizon and Renweneth Manor's restoration in full swing.
But while the farm business flourishes, Jess and Ivy need to learn to navigate unforeseen challenges — financial worries, two disgruntled locals, and even a blast from Riley's past… In the midst of it all can Ivy juggle a new and unexpected arrival with her booming business, and can Jess keep track of her perfect day?
Join Jess and the team at Renweneth Farm as they struggle to make the pieces of the intricate puzzle that bonds them together, fall neatly into place.
A story that celebrates love, life, and the way friends become family in this growing community.

Perfect for fans of Philippa Ashley, Sue Moorcroft and Holly Martin.
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