Catherine Ponder

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Our attitudes and thoughts shape our lives. Ponder gives you the tools to prosper in all of life's situations. “Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you greater good.” – Caherine Ponder.
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    often: I stir up the gifts of God within me and around me, and I am blessed on every hand with happiness, success and true achievement.
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    Russell H. Conwell emphasized this in his famous “Acres of Diamonds” lectures:

    I say you ought to be rich; you have no right to be poor. To live and not be rich is a misfortune and it is doubly a misfortune because you could have been rich just as well as being poor...
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    end of the week. Early that week, whenever fear tried to creep in as to how she would pay those bills, she declared over and over, The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. On Friday morning, the day the bills were due, a check arrived in the mail for $110! It was from a company her husband had worked for several years previously. They wrote a letter saying that they had just “found” in her husband’s account that this amount was still due him; and that they were enclosing it to clear his records with them. A businessman with a large family was getting toward the end of the month financially. He was paid once a month and it was still a week until payday. The groceries were getting low. His wife reminded him of these facts on Friday

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