Fucking Poetry, Dustin Scott
Dustin Scott

Fucking Poetry

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Fucking Poetry is a book of working class poetry from the heart and pocket of a talented young poet. This book is the culmination of one and half years of Dustin Scott carrying a notebook in his pocket and writing poems when inspired. This pocket project has produced a raw unapologetic look at life from a loving and spiritual man who isn’t afraid to mix in some cuss words when called for.
Bob “Uncle Bacon” Hurton calls it: Raw and unflinching, love poems for your Post-Post-Modern angst.
If you like poems that have traveled in the artist’s pocket for over a year then you’ll loved these aged and seasoned works from this promising new poet.
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People may fear us but we fear nothing
Helen Osokina
Helen Osokinaje citiralaпрошле године
For we are the clowns
Entertained by life and adding to it
Laughter is our bond
Paint your face and dress your body
We shall walk together under the big top
People may fear us but we fear nothing
For we are the clowns
andreeagieje citiraoпре 2 године
Can’t pull myself out of this funk
Don’t funkin have the energy to care
My melancholy haze is fogging up my outlook on life
Fog this shit
Funk that shit
Get in a new space or suffer on
I have to be willing to give up before I can begin to feel relief
Once I stop and settle the mind, the answers become clear
Foggy mind means funky thoughts
I can see the clouds lifting
My spirits are following the clouds
Maybe today will be a clear day
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My Heart
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