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Summary: The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham

This work offers a summary of the book “THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR: The Classic Text on Value Investing” by Benjamin Graham.

Benjamin Graham (1894–1976) is widely regarded as the father of value investing. In 1949, he published The Intelligent Investor which encapsulates his thinking on how to be a successful investor.

According to Graham, an intelligent investor is “businesslike”. It means that he or she approaches investing in just the same way as if one were to look at buying a business or a partnership in one. The sounder the investment principles you use, the better the results will be of your investment strategy.

In The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham presents six key principles of intelligent investing such as “know the business you're investing in”, “know who runs the business” and “choose investments for their fundamental value, not for their popularity”.

According to the author, “successful investment may become substantially a matter of techniques and criteria that are learnable, rather than the product of unique and incommunicable mental powers”.

Warren E. Buffet has described The Intelligent Investor as “the best book on investing ever written”. Graham's advice and analytical guides are still valid for the contemporary investor.
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Violette Mode
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The sounder the investment principles you use, the better the results will be of your investment strategy.
Soulaiman El Laghdach
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diversify over 20 or more different companies to generate satisfactory results over time.
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The objective of efficient operation is to produce low cost and to find the most profitable articles to sell.

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