Double Cross: An International Thriller, Fritz Galt
Fritz Galt

Double Cross: An International Thriller

Beside a mountain lake high above Taos, New Mexico, ex-CIA operative Mick Pierce comes face to face with his past. The brother he abandoned in the Bosnian War is still alive in Yugoslavia!

And the CIA needs someone to track him down, and kill him.

It’s the assignment every CIA operative dreads might come his way – to eliminate his own. But soon Mick realizes that he has no choice.

Venturing back into Serbia, Mick encounters his brother all too soon. His brother is firing at him from a helicopter!

Heralded as “compelling” and “highly recommended” by Tales from a Small Planet, and lauded by reviewers around the globe, this groundbreaking thriller will grip you and command all your senses, especially your sense of fear.

Mick Pierce stops at nothing – and the pages don’t stop turning – as he closes in on a conspiracy so bold, it might touch off a Third World War.

Can Mick pull the trigger on his own brother, even if it can save the world?
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