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Chuck Thoele

Bulls, Bears, & Basketball

A money expert uses his passion for college basketball to teach the ins and outs of personal finance in a more approachable fashion.
What can legendary UCLA coach John Wooden teach us about personal financial planning? How do Georgetown’s shot-blocking big men relate to investing strategy? And what does Christian Laettner’s famous last-second shot have to do with leaving a financial legacy for your family? In Bulls, Bears, & Basketball, financial planning veteran Chuck Thoele makes the case that average investors can learn a lot from their hardwood heroes. If you think sports stories are more exciting than financial rhetoric, this book is for you. Forget dry and technical lectures about financial planning. Thoele translates must-know financial concepts into basketball language that’s enlightening and fun to read. Assess your own team, scout the competition, perfect your offense, get tough on defense, and always keep an eye on the clock. Guiding readers through the colorful history of NCAA basketball, Thoele draws parallels between some of the game’s most dramatic moments and the principles of building financial security. He tells of unstoppable teams, coaching geniuses, and glorious victories and relates them to essential lessons about investing, insurance, retirement, estate planning, and more.
Praise for Bulls, Bears & Basketball
“Thoele . . . succeeds in instructing the reader in a decision-making process that can be easily understood, simple to apply, and entertaining at the same time.” —Steve Alford, Head Coach, UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball Team
“Chuck Thoele cleverly weaves parallels between NCAA basketball—referencing real-life moments during games of play, unstoppable teams, and coaching geniuses—and essential lessons about investing. Having worked with RGT and Chuck for the past twenty-four years, I’m confident you’ll find Bulls, Bears & Basketball a valuable read.” —Troy Aikman, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback
“Thoele skillfully masters the art of teaching readers must-know principles to building financial security for life. By connecting two of his greatest loves-helping people manage their money and the annual NCAA Tournament known as March Madness-Bulls, Bears, & Basketball puts a refreshing spin on learning valuable information.” —Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, American businessman, and investor
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