Chris Alexander

Synergy Team Power

All over the world, there are individuals who want to go to work-who are excited to go in on Mondays. They love their jobs because the environment they work in is free of fear and emotional toxicity; and they are unimpeded and able to focus on their work. They do their part to help achieve organizational goals. I work with people like this every day, and I help them create the kind of workplace they have always wanted-one that delivers a sense of belonging, personal satisfaction, and job enrichment. I make this happen by working with business leaders who know that businesses and organizations are only as good as the people in them, and they recognize the importance of winning the hearts and minds of their people. I build high-performance teams: in businesses, government agencies, churches, non-profits, and even families.
I have witnessed astounding personal, financial, and organizational growth accelerated when the environment is free of fear and supercharged with Synergy Team Power. This book is for all employees-from entry level all the way up to the executive suite-who are looking for a way to create a meaningful workplace that delivers continuous job satisfaction. It demonstrates that adopting the value of teamwork and service, along with the importance of treating fellow workers with courtesy and respect-as one does with a customer-makes all the difference. You will find helpful stories, examples, anecdotes, and checklists that have grown out of many years of building and working with high-performance business teams. These stories are about real people who have found a way to create satisfying, fun jobs, and at the same time, build safe, secure, and highly-profitable work environments.
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