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Lynne Graham

The Veranchetti Marriage

An Italian tycoon returns to his cheating ex-wife for the sake of their son in this classic contemporary romance by a USA Today bestseller.
Four years ago, Alex Veranchetti ended his marriage to innocent Kerry when he believed her to have cheated on him. But Kerry had no memory of that night, and the hurt caused by Alex during their breakup was almost impossible to bear.
But now her husband is back, demanding full custody of their child, or marriage . . . again!
Kerry hardens her heart against the arrogant tycoon, but soon the passion that brought them together reignites, reducing her resistance to ash. Back in her husband’s bed, Kerry hopes to prove her innocence . . . even if it risks her heart once more.
Originally published in 1988.
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    Why shouldn’t you taste the fruits of your own endeavours?” he demanded with seething bitterness. “But I will give you

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