Postcards From Impossible Worlds, James Miller, Robert Shearman, Helen Marshall, Sandra Kasturi, Peter Chiykowski, Jordan Shiveley, Shawn Coss, Sonya Ballantyne
James Miller,Robert Shearman,Helen Marshall,Sandra Kasturi,Peter Chiykowski,Jordan Shiveley,Shawn Coss,Sonya Ballantyne

Postcards From Impossible Worlds

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Postcards From Impossible Worlds collects 88 strange, surprising and harrowing micro-stories from The Shortest Story, a photo-fiction project from award-winning author Peter Chiykowski. Each page reads like a postcard sent from a life you never lived or a world that never existed. On one page, the human race wakes up to discover the oceans have vanished. On the next, the Statue of Liberty comes to life and rampages down the coast to Washington. Anything is possible in The Shortest Story.
The volume also contains 13 stories narrated by Cecil Baldwin (voice of Welcome to Night Vale) and guest stories from Robert Shearman, Helen Marshall, Shawn Coss, Sandra Kasturi, James Mark Miller, Sonya Ballantyne, and Jordan Shiveley.
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