Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth
Gabrielle Roth

Maps to Ecstasy

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In this revised edition of Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth expands on the themes that have guided her — ways of transforming daily life into sacred art. Her work in teaching movement has been described as a marriage of art and healing.

Each chapter initiates readers into one of the five sacred powers necessary for survival and reveals the five life cycles that lead to enlightenment. The creative process brings readers in touch with these five sacred powers by freeing the body to experience the power of being, expressing the heart to experience the power of loving, emptying the mind to experience the power of seeing, and embodying the spirit to experience the power of healing.
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Fantastisk, inspirerende og berigende bog. Behold den her i Bookmate 🙏

liznorsaje citiraoпре 4 године
All journeys raise the same questions: Where am I going? How will I get there? By what means and what route? The process is the same whether you are going to San Francisco or the stillpoint — the still-point at the core of who we are. There are plenty of ways to go to San Francisco: you can fly, walk, drive, take a bus or train. And there are plenty of ways to get to the stillpoint: through martial arts, yoga, Zen meditation, vision-questing, golfing, running, fly-fishing.
I get there by dancing. I remember being a wild child of the sixties, having to dance or die — letting go of everything I thought, felt, or knew to be true as some kind of jazz riff seized my bones. I spent long nights in my living room, the music at full volume, eyes half closed, making love to the beat. Swooning to the rhythm, I felt as if I’d met the ultimate lover. In ecstatic rapture, I surrendered to something old and mysterious.
Maps to Ecstasy implies that ecstasy is a place and that we can get there with a good set of directions. The key to entering this place is some radical form of surrender, a ritual shattering. For me this has taken place on countless dance floors, when the music was really pumping and I stopped caring about what anybody else thought of my dance, my hairdo, my brain, or my butt. Through dancing I navigated the badlands of endless headtrips and found my way back to the stomping ground of my own two feet. Through dancing I discovered that when you put the psyche in motion, it heals itsel
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