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We left because some people choose to wait for news and others make their own.
Gaby Muntean
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She wants to plead with anyone who might listen
Brooklynn Murphy
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Think about that, Malorie. It all kind of happened in a row, each step allowed the next step to happen. All because we weren’t stagnant. We took risks. Now you’ve got to do the same.
Briana Price
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Your worries only keep you safe long enough to worry some more.”
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“Maybe a thing has to be smart enough to lose its mind.”
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One day, the pain your mother and the pain every mother speaks of will come to you in the same form: childbirth. Only a woman can experience it and because of this all women are bonded.
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Malorie thinks. How horrible. After all this struggling, all this survival. To die because of an accident.
Nur Afrina
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placid afternoons, tempestuous evenings,
Nur Afrina
Nur Afrinaje citiralaпре 3 месеца
a pile of musty coats conceals purple scratches
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when the sky turns black and is suddenly, beautifully, spotted with stars.
Santapan Lazizz
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She taps her toe nervously on the cracked tile floor.

Dia mengetuk jari kakinya dengan gugup di lantai ubin yang retak.

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Malorie stands in the kitchen, thinking.

Her hands are damp. She is trembling. She taps her toe nervously on the cracked tile floor. It is early; the sun is probably only peeking above the horizon. She watches its meager light turn the heavy window drapes a softer shade of black and thinks,

That was a fog.

The children sleep under chicken wire draped in black cloth down the hall. Maybe they heard her moments ago on her knees in the yard. Whatever noise she made must have traveled through the microphones, then the amplifiers that sat beside their beds.

She looks to her hands and detects the subtlest sheen in the candlelight. Yes, they are damp. The morning’s dew is still fresh upon them.

Now, in the kitchen, Malorie breathes deep before blowing the candle out. She looks around the small room, noting the rusted utensils and cracked dishes. The cardboard box used as a garbage can. The chairs, some held together by twine. The walls are dirty. Dirt from the feet and hands of the children. But older stains, too. The bottom of the walls in the hall is discolored, profound purples that have dulled to brown over time. These are blood. The carpet in the living room is discolored, too, no matter how hard Malorie scrubs. There are no chemicals in the house to help clean it. Long ago, Malorie filled the buckets with water from the well and, using a suit coat, worked on removing the stains from all over the house. But they refused to go away. Even those that proved less persistent remained, a shadow perhaps of their original size, but still horribly visible. A box of candles hides a blotch in the foyer. The couch in the living room sits at an awkward angle, moved there to shield two blemishes that look like wolf heads to Malorie. On the second floor, by the attic stairs, a pile of musty coats
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But, instead, they just do as they are told.

book mark

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Get up. Now. Mommy needs you to move fast.”

this is where I left off

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And we’ve got our blankets.”
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The Boy likes fish, she knows. Often Malorie caught one in the river, using a rusted fishing pole fashioned from an umbrella found in the cellar.
Елена Яковлева
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passes out completely.

полностью отключается.

Елена Яковлева
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the rim of the can

ободок банки

Елена Яковлева
Елена Яковлеваje citiraoпрошлог месеца
deliberately leaving town.

намеренно покидает город.

Елена Яковлева
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against the current

против течения

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