Robin Sacredfire

Wake Up & Live: How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself and Be Smarter

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What if you could overcome the challenges that have stopped you from achieving everything you want? To do that, you need to know how society really works and how you’ve been programmed to fail.

This book unveils patterns, which, for being extremely common, tend to pass unnoticed, even though they determine our actions and even self-image.

The content exposed here is thought-provoking but will help you in seeing the world from a viewpoint that can boost your potential to succeed while contributing to build your self-esteem.
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    Life demands action
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    there isn’t any change without recognizing what is wrong and bad,
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    there’s no peace without acknowledgment, there’s no acknowledgement without dualities, and there isn’t any change without recognizing what is wrong and bad, and which always manifests strongly within our own emotional field

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