Debby Lush

100+ School Exercises for Dressage

Over 100 exercises for all levels, with easy-to-understand instructions and clear diagrams. 100+ School Exercises for Dressage offers a wide range of different schooling patterns to suit all stages of training and all levels of rider and trainer experience. It is designed to be used as a reference book that can be visited again and again to seek out answers to everyday training challenges. Collected by the author over forty years of riding and training horses of all types and breeds, from backing to Grand Prix, the selection of exercises ranges from the most familiar of patterns to some rarely used but highly effective techniques specific to addressing less-common issues. The final section of the book offers sample schooling plans, explaining how to combine patterns to tackle common schooling issues, such as suppleness, straightness, connection to the outside rein, engagement and collection, and developing medium gaits and half passes.
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J A Allen
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