Style and Creativity in Fashion, Urbanity Chic
Urbanity Chic

Style and Creativity in Fashion

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In a vibrant and dynamic format Style and Creativity In Fashion gives you an in-depth insight into fashion icons, models, designers and photographers working within the fashion industry.

Each chapter in this book explores the experiences, achievements and aspirations of these incredibly talented people. Everyone either has or is working towards breaking out of established patterns, either within their life, their situation or their art.

Chapters about famous fashion designers are dispersed with informative, interesting and personal interviews with talented models and photographers. You can learn more about them and enjoy their fabulous portfolio of work.

It’s people that drive fashion trends, people that embody style and people that have the ability to create something magical.

Feel free to pick up this book just for a few minutes to learn a bit more about your favorite fashion designer, read from cover to cover or just dip in to sample some great photos and insights from incredible upcoming talent.
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