Lucy Adams

HR Disrupted

The new and updated edition of the classic work on Disruptive HR.
The way we work is changing fast, and traditional HR is no longer fit for purpose.
Equipping our organizations to meet today’s demands requires something very different. This book provides HR professionals with:
a compelling case for changing HRpractical people solutions for a disrupted world strategies to make the changes they needways to equip HR with the right capabilities and mindset
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    • Giving feedback as equal to equal means your staff will feel more comfortable talking about their shortcomings, as well as how their managers could help them more effectively.
    • Encouraging staff to seek feedback from their managers enables them to become more proactive in other areas as well.
    • Being given feedback informally and on the job means staff are more likely to change their behaviour for the better.
    • Having a range of feedback mechanisms means your people are more likely to engage with what they hear.
    Human beings
    • Not categorising your employees by rating means they will feel more motivated.
    • Moving away from an annual system takes account of everyone’s need for more regular feedback.
    • Setting team objectives encourages closer team working.
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    This sounds extreme
    Annisia Baehakije citiraoпре 2 године
    From an HR perspective, technology’s rapid emergence means we need our leaders not only to cope with fast-changing business models, but also to embrace and even create them. Have you got leaders in your organisation who are thinking ahead about what’s needed, and coming up with the ideas and methods to make it work?

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