Scott Richardson

Get Off the X: A Cia Agent's Guide to Protecting You and Your Family

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A former Protective Agent with the CIA shares methods for keeping you and your family safe from crime, home invasion, assaults, shootings, terror attacks, or other threats designed to harm or terrorize you or your family. Whether you are a typical person looking for methods to avoid and handle common criminal threats, or a higher-profile individual or stalking victim facing targeted threats, you will learn and be able to apply the methods the CIA and U.S. Secret Service use to successfully protect individuals in their care who face extraordinary organized threats.

Learn how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, how criminals, terrorists, kidnappers, and other attackers operate, and learn methods to avoid and thwart their plans. In addition to learning how to avoid becoming a victim, the author provides practical methods on handling attacks, evasion methods, fighting methods, driving skills, and other counterterrorist techniques.
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