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Mugglenet.com's Harry Potter Should Have Died

New York Times–Bestselling Authors: Diehard fans share opinions and debate questions about the beloved series from the funny to the philosophical.
•Should we pity Voldemort or hate him?
•Is Severus Snape really a hero?
•Should J.K. Rowling have left Dumbledore’s sexual orientation a secret?
•Did Harry actually die in Deathly Hallows?
•Were the Slytherins too demonized, the Hufflepuffs too lame, and the Gryffindors too glorified?
•Should J.K.R. write more Harry Potter novels or go out on top?
After all the books and movies, Harry Potter fans still fiercely debate the many controversial issues left unresolved. Now, in this entertaining collection, the experts argue passionately about bests and worsts, what-ifs, what really happened, and what should have happened . . .
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