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Immerse yourself in some of Singapore's best.
Kids of the 90s would know of Annabel Chong, the notorious pornstar who went on to break world records. Yet she remains mysterious like a mythological creature. Writer Gerrie Lim, close friend and confidante of Annabel Chong sheds light on her career, her elusive history and the longevity of her name.
Thanks to high profile cases like Anthony Ler, Long Ah San and Took Leng How, Subhas Anandan is probably the best known criminal lawyer in Singapore. Here, he reveals his thoughts on Singapore's death penalty, his feelings regarding the criminals he represented and his ideal changes about the legal system.
This is for all those who ever had to move out of their old neighbourhood to make way for reclamation works and en-bloc sales. If I Could Tell You painfully records the last days of the people living in the fictional Block 204.
If I Could Tell You, Lee Jing-Jing
These 21 short stories from 3 classic collections show how skilled Claire Tham is as a writer. With stories that are sincere, multi-faceted and unconventional, she shows how varied and enthralling Singapore Lit can be.
The Claire Tham Collection, Claire Tham
With stories ranging from the paranormal, to horror, and from the mundane lives to the uncovered skeletons in the closet, Catherine Lim is anything but boring.
Catherine Lim Collection, Catherine Lim
Gopal Baratham was never one to shy away from difficult, controversial topics. In A Candle or The Sun, Hernie Perera must decide between keeping his integrity intact, or a life or riches in return as he participates in political corruption. This story isn't a typical one about languid lives on the HDB, and might just surprise you.
A Candle or The Sun, Gopal Baratham
Mahita Vas's autobiography is as honest and raw as it gets about living and coping with mental illness in Singapore. Even though her life looks successful on paper with a illustrious career in advertising, Mahita realises that there might just be a reason why she never seems to be happy.
Leong Chong-Yu may be young, but his prose is witty, mature and riveting. This short story compilation shows his ease at navigating through various genres like historical fiction and comedy.
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