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Elizabeth Haynes
Elizabeth Haynes

Jedna cena. Obilje knjiga

Ne kupujete samo jednu knjigu već celu biblioteku… po istoj ceni!

Nešto za čitanje uvek na dohvat ruke

Prijatelji, urednici i stručnjaci mogu da vam pomognu da pronađete nove i zanimljive knjige.

Čitajte bilo kad i bilo gde

Vaš telefon je uvek uz vas, a samim tim i sve vaše knjige, čak i kada ste oflajn.

Bookmate – aplikacija koja vas podstiče na čitanje
I read this first as a teenager and loved the glorious descriptions of an England shifted slightly into the unknown; that normal life continues whilst battles rage over a carpet and the supernatural world weaved into its fabric.
My mum read this before me, and I came to it after the television adaptation; the book adds fresh layers to the story of an illicit love, but above all the descriptions of the glorious Australian landscape.
The first Karin Slaughter book I read and for me still the favourite; gory and thrilling, with just enough forensic detail.
Blindsighted, Karin Slaughter
I read this story of a couple whose relationship is put to the test by a cancer diagnosis for our book club a couple of years ago – rarely have I annotated, re-read and marked a book of fiction as much as this one. Infinitely clever, questioning and enlightening – highly recommended.
One of Bradbury’s best collections of short stories, this was among the first ‘grown up’ books I read and it above all others made me want to be a writer.
I’m a huge fan of MacBride’s books and his hero, Logan McRae. This is one of his most stomach-churning, and yet the way the story is told is mind-bendingly clever. Start at the beginning of the series, but this is the one to really look forward to.
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