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SMRT Feedback
SMRT Feedback
If you're a dumbass, read these books to add some intellectual juice.
A philosopher insulting and accusing past philosophers of lacking critical sense? DRAG! Nietzsche doesn't place life in "good" and "bad" boxes, and instead argues about and redefines what truth, morals and religion is. Cheem sia.
Beyond Good and Evil, Friedrich Nietzsche
This Pulitzer Prize classic is a must-read for an insight into racial and gender inequality.
If you don't post your FB status or publish your blogpost, then does it really exist? Toni Morrison explores the meaning of censorship, what it means for literature in the world, and how its relationship can affect the way we see the world, and ourselves.
This is your 101 to governments, society and all the animals (disguised as humans) in life that you will encounter.
No idea how the economy works? Or how it can affect society and current affairs? This cheat code of sorts can help you level up your noob status.
If there was one man who was the definition of brains and brawn, then Ernest Hemmingway was it. This dude reported on the Spanish War, was on the front lines in Paris in WWII, and lived through plane crashes and bushfires. All these while winning the Nobel Prize for Literature too.
3 Short Stories And 10 Poems, Ernest Hemingway
PSH, what's the point of societal norms and why must we do what everyone does? This hilarious play will make you question your own behaviour, and you'll see if you're the kind who blindly follows trends and norms.
The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde
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