Felicity Morse

Give a F**k - A Brief Inventory of Ways in Which You Can (Unabridged)

A funny, wise, practical and expressive guide to the subtle art of caring and compassion - also known as 'giving a fuck'!

Give A F**k has one important, vital and highly topical theme at its heart: compassion. Otherwise known as caring, AKA giving a fuck. Journalist and life-coach Felicity Morse has turned her smart, witty and informed focus on developing our innate compassion / kindness skills, for the enduring benefit of ourselves, and for the many ways in which we can care for, help, learn from and work with the people and the world around us to achieve profound fulfillment.

Give a F**k covers Self, Relationships, Community and Infinity and Beyond and combines warm, witty and philosophical narrative with thought-provoking and easy-to-implement exercises to help us conquer our personal obstacles in the path of developing our most caring selves.


Praise for Give a F**k:
'A lovely, inspiring book, full of brilliant advice - a perfect corrective for the state of the world' - India Knight
'It really cuts through the honey glaze of self-help and hits you right where you need it' - Holly Bourne, author of How Do You Like Me Now?
'Felicity writes with the compassion, assuredness and humour of someone who clearly gets what it can be like to feel too much of everything too much of the time.' - Ruby etc, illustrator and cartoonist
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