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Felicity Morse

Felicity Morse is an English full-time confidence coach and the author of the book Give a f**k — an inventory of things to care about (2018).

Graduating with First Class Honors in English from the University of St Andrews in 2010, Morse initially thrived in journalism, serving as a social media producer and online news editor for esteemed publications such as Huffington Post UK, the Independent, GQ, and the BBC — and has more recently been the digital editor for i.

Feeling the weight of constant battles, Morse experienced a turning point around 2015 when burnout and dissatisfaction pushed her to explore personal development. Recognizing the need for a more nourishing and sustainable lifestyle, she embarked on a transformative journey, attending weekend courses and retreats.

In 2017, Morse underwent a profound seven-month deep dive experiential coaching program under the guidance of David Hutchinson, Cynthia Freeman, Jack Elias, and Lynne Forrest. This immersive experience, akin to coaching herself, revealed a crucial realization — her pursuit of success and societal norms had led her to mould a life that didn't authentically align with her values and desires.

Morse shifted her focus to coaching. Her expertise extends to aiding individuals who feel 'stuck' to move forward, fostering happiness and success. Specializing in supporting clients overwhelmed by the demands of modern life, she guides them toward a lifestyle brimming with purpose, pleasure, and fulfilment.

While Morse's love for coaching has taken centre stage, her passion for journalism and writing persists. In her first book, Give a f**k, she reveals positive ways to engage with ourselves, others, the community, and the world. Morse continues to write and coach and coach on writing.

Felicity Morse lives in Notting Hill.

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there are times when being a sensitive, caring human being sucks.
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It’s tempting to say ‘F**k it’, walk away, switch off. Give up on what you want and give up doing anything to get it. Say you’re not good enough, the world is f**ked up and it’s hopeless
Sophia Stephensonje citiraoпре 22 дана
Take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Acknowledge that it might feel uncomfortable to slow down. Sit with that feeling. It’s okay. It’s a sign that now is the perfect time to check in with yourself and the right now.


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