Jason Gale

Stoicism Full Life Mastery

Master stoicism in no time! This philosophy is not something you just read about, but put into practice in your daily living.
Learn how to effectively master your emotions, find eternal bliss, peace of mind, and learn the secret to true lasting happiness beyond human conditioning.
The ancient philosophy of stoicism has stood the test of time and we can see its influence and manifestations in many religions worldwide.
If you want to transcend the human condition and go beyond the world's materialistic and superficial meaning of life, than it's highly recommended you give this book a listen and learn what true contentment is!
Topics discussed....
Metaphysical aspects Ancient history Religious parallelsCognitive behavior therapy (CBT)Controlling your emotionsPeace of mindBecoming the master of your lifeAnd much,much more....Bonus: Chapter on stoics and love What are you waiting for? Get this audio-book right now!
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