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Experts in mental health therefore see a correlation between children’s exposure to adversity and children growing up to become unemotional and callous adolescents
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Being over emotional.
● Feeling overwhelmed or lost within a large group of people.
● Feeling what your friend or family member is feeling, for example, distraught or anger.
● Being oversensitive, or feeling hurt by comments or actions that would not normally bother most people.
● Afraid or deliberately avoiding close, intimate, and personal relationships of any kind.
● Overeating, binge eating or drinking to avoid dealing with emotional stress.
● Feeling nervous or on high alert when smelling certain scents.
● Being easily startled by loud noises.
● Feeling uncomfortable having or being included in extended conversations.
If you answered yes to four or more of these signs, you’re likely to be classified as at least part Empath. Being an Empath often comes with both positive and negative aspects, and it is important to get a handle on these emotions and barriers and take back control of your life.
We have developed this extremely insightful Empath guide to give you greater insight into the Empath world. You will develop a better knowledge of Empaths, learn to regulate your emotions and cope with your feelings on a healthier level, manage relationships more efficiently and develop strategies to promote an overall healthier and happier lifestyle.
In this book, we also provide extensive information and techniques on how to better manage sensitivity and how to master your emotional state. This guide covers the best advice for controlling your empathic abilities as well as managing mental health issues and gives you guidance on how to deal with negative
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Techniques to Clear Negative Energy From Your Surrounds
Sage Smudging
Using white sage to smudge yourself and your surroundings can clear out negative entities that are hovering around you. Fan the sage smoke into the air within your environment or light some in an incense burner to expel entities from your presence.

Sea Salt Soak
Fill a bathtub with water and add a handful of natural sea salt. Taking a sea salt soak in the bath can cleanse your body and remove any traces of negative contaminants from your aura.

Prayers or Mantra
When you feel a wave of negative emotion coming on, be prepared and have a personal uplifting prayer or mantra to ward off the negative emotions. Ask that the negative entities leave for the mutual good and benefit of all involved.

Seek Solace in Nature
Connect with nature, get some fresh air, and seek refuge in the forest, by the river, or at the mountains. Being in nature will help rejuvenate and uplift your emotional state and assist you in warding off negative emotional states.

Become active! Opt for exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, Boxing, Jogging, or any sport you enjoy that will help you to remain grounded within your own body.

Therapeutic Scents
Treat yourself to some enlivening essential oils. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Lavender essential oils are highly efficient to use when needing to calm yourself and relax.

Feel Your Emotions
Allow yourself to embrace and accept your emotions in order to be able to process and release them effectively. Holding on to emotions or not allowing


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