Jason Gale

Sports Psychology For Athletes

Discover sports psychology like never before!

There comes a point in every athlete's career where they reach their maximum physical capabilities and must leverage there psychology or "mental game" in order to take their craft to the next level.

Sports psychology cannot replace natural talent or practice, however, it can be used in conjunction with any training regiment to help athletes become the best possible at what they do according to their genetic potential.

Not everyone can afford to see a sport's psychologist, however, inside this course I provide the materials, knowledge and lessons they would use in a regular session for clients who want to enhance their sport's performance.

The course content integrates both psychological and scientific content that will give deeper insights and help athletes become better at their craft and coaches become better trainers.

Here is scenario I want you to consider, if we had two athletes competing in the same sport who are evenly matched in talent in regards to physical capabilities, then the athlete who has developed better sports psychology would most likely come out on top and have a better advantage.

With such a considerable edge sport psychology brings to the table wouldn't it make sense to develop yours in order to become the best athlete you possibly can?

What You'll Learn

Philosophy of masterySports intelligence (IQ)MotivationOptimismControl and uncontrollableMental rehearsalS.M.A.R.T goal setting“Laser focus”Support systemsMental toughnessAnd, much, much more!

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