Justine Avery

Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap

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Trolls. You think you know all about them—from what you’ve read, seen, or heard.
But have you considered the baby trolls?
They do exist. And they have something to say.
...Meet Horatio, Saul, and little Grizelda: three baby trolls who just want to be heard, respected, and most of all, to be your friend.
"Young people stand up for what they believe in ... a fantastically empowering conversation starter." (The Children's Book Review)
"You can’t help but smile ... Justine Avery’s troll babies have personality and pluck ... Perceptive and charming, most highly recommended." (Readers' Favorite)
"A message about understanding and acceptance... gentle story powered by a strong message." (Midwest Book Review)
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