Robert Brown

Robert Brown is passionate about writing. He is a happy husband since 1999 and a proud father of four starting in 2006. He is a traveler; born in San Diego, California, he learned not to live in one place for too long as his family passed along restless genes. After six months in California he lived in Germany, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Illinois, Hawaii again, Nevada, New Hampshire, and currently resides in South Dakota.His hobbies revolve around his family, photography, prepping, reading, firearms, travel, and avoiding yard work.He believes in lifelong education both in and out of academia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education social studies/history and continued studies in Biochemistry. He enjoys shooting, hiking, apocalyptic/horror/zombie media of all sorts, and chick flicks.His perfect world would be filled with firearms, chocolate, whiskey, cats, and English Bulldogs.


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