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Lucy Knott is a former professional wrestler and author of romance novels. Surrounded by a collection of her favorite things, including stacks of notebooks, a colorful bookshelf, and the occasional Shazam poster, Lucy crafts uplifting and heartfelt stories that have become her trademark.

Lucy Knott and her twin Kelly Sharpe (née Knott), born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, are known for their time as a professional wrestling tag team under the ring names Hannah Blossom and Holly Blossom. They attended St Winifred's RC Primary School in their youth, where they developed a passion for professional wrestling, particularly admiring The Hardy Boyz.

Outside the ring, The Blossom Twins have been active in other media, including an appearance on A League of Their Own. Lucy has also ventured into writing with her debut romance novel "How to Bake a New Beginning (2018).

During Lucy's childhood, she developed a love of reading, sparked by Harry Potter and fueled further by romance novels she discovered in her twenties. Inspired by Jack Kerouac's On the Road, she knew from age sixteen that she wanted to write a book, a dream she pursued with determination in her mid-twenties.

Her writing is deeply influenced by her Italian heritage, on her mother's side, and her family's love for food and strong sibling bonds, elements that frequently permeate her narratives. The stories of Lucy encourage readers to embrace their true selves and to believe in the power of dreams, no matter how big.

Lucy transitioned from the physical storytelling of professional wrestling to the literary world, where she has found her true calling as an author. She is a proud twin, a dedicated teaching assistant, and, in her own words, "only a little obsessed" with Harry Styles. Lucy's interests extend beyond writing and reading; she's an avid skateboarder, a lover of all things Italian, from the food to the language, and she cherishes time spent with her family.

Lucy Knott has published six books. Her novels celebrate life's simple joys, the power of dreams, and the beauty of finding oneself, from How to Bake a New Beginning, a story about three sisters discovering their paths in life and love amidst Italian traditions, to Love Lessons in Starcross Valley (2022), a novel of rediscovered love and distance and life's priorities.

Her most recent romance is The (Anti) Wedding Party.

Lucy was married to Chris Silvio, a former OVW wrestler.

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It doesn’t matter anymore; what matters is that Hannah loves me enough to want to marry me, and how could I say no to that?
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A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.
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she asks, worry lines creasing her brow.


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