Lucy Knott

The (Anti) Wedding Party

It's the biggest day of their best friends' lives… and they might just ruin it.
Andi hates weddings. So when her best friend Alex tells her she's getting married in Italy, and asks her to be her maid of honour, she knows she's the wrong woman for the job. But Alex won't take no for an answer, and so begins a week-long trip to a beautiful villa in Italy, full of potential disasters that it's Andi's job to avoid. But what if she's the one causing them?
Enter Owen, fellow wedding-hater, Best Man and also the worst person for the job. Tall, sexy and warm, Andi can't help but feel the ice around her heart begin to melt when he's around. But as Andi and Owen grow closer, the disasters begin to multiply, try as they might to keep them at bay. Together, can they put their feelings aside and pull off a successful wedding for those they love most?
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  • angelnkem2020je podelio/la utisakпре 4 месеца
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    It’s interesting

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    I can't read free this book.

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  • Finoana RATARATRINIAINAje citiraoпре 4 месеца
    It doesn’t matter anymore; what matters is that Hannah loves me enough to want to marry me, and how could I say no to that?
  • Lovely Artje citiraoпре 16 дана
    whirlwind romance, not when her family are taking up one side of the castle cathedral while Mum, Alex and Charlie are standing on the other side cheering us on. Mum with tears in her
  • Lovely Artje citiraoпре 17 дана
    I glance in the slightly smeared glass of the archaic mirror with a gold leaf border, and sure enough, my lips are blue.
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