Linda Clark

Linda Clark

Dr. Linda Clark has held numerous leadership positions and is passionate about women and the things that effect their lives, so much so that she earned her master’s and doctorate in women’s studies from Trinity Theological Seminary in Indiana. Sections for each leadership skill are written by women with real-world experience: Dr. Judy Hamlin (group-building skills) is an author who has served as a ministry consultant; Roberta M. Damon (relationship skills) is a psychologist and former missionary to Brazil; Dr. Shirley Schooley (conflict management) has experience as a university professor and a pastor’s wife; Debbie Lloyd (time management) also has experience has a pastor’s wife and a Christian educator; Dr. Harriet Harral (communication skills) has served as the executive director of Leadership Fort Worth and was director of the Center for Productive Communication in the School of Business at Texas Christian University.
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