Found Treasures, Linda Clark
Linda Clark

Found Treasures

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There it is. Something that you found unexpectedly. Your found treasure may not be worth much to anyone but you because of the moment that it changed your life. What you didn’t realize was that God desired to teach you something unexpected about who you are in Him—that is what gives your found treasure value.

In Found Treasures, author and teacher Linda Clark graciously guides women through her own personal journey of discovery as she relates the found objects in her life to lessons God led her to discover. Using pictures of her unexpected objects, she helps women see that God may have lessons for them through their own personal treasure hunt. Found Treasures, written with biblical references and an application-based approach, gives women the tools they need to find deeper meaning in their lives as they find out their own worth. A meaning that seeps into every aspect of her life: the skills she offers God, relationships, ministry, and her legacy.
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