Steve Gottry

Steve Gottry

STEVE GOTTRY was the founder and president of Gottry Communications Group, Inc., a full-service advertising agency and video production firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He formed the company in 1970, and served a variety of organizations across the nation. Among his clients were HarperSanFrancisco, Career Press, Zondervan Publishing House, Prudential Commercial Real Estate, Warner Bros., World Wide Pictures, United Properties, Alpha Video, NewTek, Inc., Pemtom Homes, and Standard Publishing. His firm was the winner of a number of national awards including three Silver Microphones for radio, awards for direct mail and film from the International Advertising Festival of New York, and a 2003 Aegis Award of Excellence for video.His agency was named "Small Company of the Year" by the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, and Steve was recognized as the "Small Business Advocate of the Year" by the Chamber.Steve is the coauthor (with Linda Jensvold Bauer) of A KICK IN THE CAREER, and the author of COMMON SENSE BUSINESS published by HarperBusiness, New York (July, 2005). He has coauthored a novel and also wrote a book to help would-be screenwriters develop stories. He has written the screenplays for four produced television and video/DVD projects, and also writes, produces, and directs commercial and industrial video projects.He and his wife, Karla, moved their family to Arizona to leave the colder climate of Minnesota for 320 days of warm sunshine! He has teamed up with Ken Blanchard to collaborate on a number of publishing projects.Steve is a member of Dobson Ranch Toastmasters (Mesa, AZ), an instrument-rated pilot, an avid semi-pro photographer, and a devoted Arizona Diamondbacks fan. He loves the outdoors and prefers to write in beautiful Sedona, at a remote campsite, near the ocean, or simply out by the pool.

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