The On-Time, On-Target Manager, Ken Blanchard, Steve Gottry
Ken Blanchard,Steve Gottry

The On-Time, On-Target Manager

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Ken Blanchard's phenomenal bestsellers, such as The One Minute Manager and Raving Fans, have made him a globally recognized business legend. Millions look to Blanchard for innovative approaches to management, leadership, customer service, and much more. Now, he has joined with noted business author Steve Gottry to explore one of the most common and insidious problems plaguing the workplace—procrastination.
The On-Time, On-Target Manager is the story of Bob, a typical middle manager who puts things off to the last minute. As a result, he misses deadlines because his lack of focus causes him to accomplish meaningless tasks before getting to the important things. Like many professionals, Bob rationalizes, justifies, and tries to explain. Luckily, Bob is sent to his company's CEO—which stands for “Chief Effectiveness Officer”—who helps him deal with the three negative side effects of procrastination: lateness, poor work quality, and stress to himself and others. Bob learns how to transform himself from a crisis-prone Last-Minute manager into a productive On-Time, On-Target manager.
With this engaging parable, Blanchard and Gottry offer practical strategies any professional can put into practice to improve his or her performance.
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The On-Time, On-Target Manager, Ken Blanchard



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eugeniossavvaje citiraoпре 2 године
There is an enormous difference between being interested in something and being committed to it. Consider the matter of exercise. Interested people will make all sorts of excuses as to why “today” isn’t the right day to work out. “I’m tired, it’s raining, I have too much going on in my life right now, missing one day (or week or month) won’t hurt.” In contrast, the committed people don’t know about excuses: they only know about results. “This is something I’m going to do for myself. If it’s too hot or it’s raining, I’ll do a speed-walk in a shopping mall.”
Mary Joy Gaces
Mary Joy Gacesje citiralaпре 3 године
They procrastinate because they don’t understand that delaying action can lead to poor decisions and poor performance—and separate them from good results.
manzoorarshadje citiraoпре 3 године
First,” the CEO continued, “procrastinators delay taking action regarding their priorities. They keep busy, but often on the wrong things. They put off action on important things. As a result, the high priority items are

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