Thomas S. Roche

Thomas S. Roche is a widely published short story author in the genres of erotica and horror, with occasional forays into science fiction, fantasy and crime-noir fiction. His novel The Panama Laugh, a science fiction zombie apocalypse about viral media, military contracting, and LOLZ, was a finalist for the Bram Stoker award from the Horror Writers Association, and his short story "Butterfly's Kiss" was a finalist for the John Preston Award from the National Leather Association. During his tenure as editor of Eros Guide's, the zine was twice awarded the SF Bay Guardian's "Best of the Bay." Roche has been a medical writer, marketing manager, music reviewer, and sex educator. As a nonfiction writer and blogger, he has written for,,,,,,, and many other websites.He is a community sex educator in San Francisco with San Francisco Sex Information, a nonprofit educational organization.
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