Elizabeth Coldwell,Charlotte Stein,Alcamia Payne,Giselle Renarde,Rachel Kramer Bussel,Lana Fox,Sommer Marsden,Thomas S. Roche,Heidi Champa,Kay Jaybee,Angela Caperton,Darla White,Emma Richardson,Josephine Myles,Malin James,Richard Hiscock


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Twenty new stories exploring those times when one lover just isn’t enough. 
Romp your way through an orgy where anything goes. Brought to you by Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand and Jade's Best Erotic Fiction Publisher 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Anything for Her by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Emma is so hot for her girlfriend, Jenny, she’ll do anything to please her, including inviting Jenny’s new crush, Damon, into their bed. She doesn’t think she’s all that into men, but Damon soon wins her over and she winds up fully enjoying their triple play, getting stuffed with his cock with her beautiful babe by her side. Her initially selfless act turns out to be one that brings her the joy of watching them as Jenny fulfils her fantasy and being a very eager participant.
The Psychic Harem by Giselle Renarde
Dianne’s given enough to her greedy long-term girlfriend Jane. When Jane leaves her for a grad student, Dianne decides to be the greedy one for once. She visits The Psychic Harem, a group of women who have been bred for the selected trait of sexual generosity. All she has to do is lie back and enjoy while they fulfil every need and desire Dianne never knew she had.
Hinged by Angela Caperton
Being chained to the wall is only the beginning of the fun! In an abandoned seaside museum, among a trove of dusty curios, three young history professors discover a replica of a medieval torture chamber and other intriguing artefacts, including a working chastity belt. A photo opportunity leads Veronica to accidental captivity and, when Gardner and Stewart work to release Veronica from the bonds of the belt and the wall chains, they discover a new realm of erotic excess. Funny and hot, Hinged is the story of three people who discover that history has attractions they never imagined.
The Things Tour Guides Know by Richard Hiscock
I couldn’t believe this was happening. Sneaking out for a joint last night had changed my life for ever as everything I thought I knew about my sexuality turned on its head. And just as John and I begin to explore this new territory, we find that we, the watchers, have become the watched.
Casting Couch by Charlotte Stein
Benjamin would do anything to make it as an actor. But when he finds himself on the casting couch of one very particular woman, he’s not sure if he’s entirely able to meet her demands — or the demands of his rival for the part …

One More Night by Sommer Marsden
Three close friends remember a night long ago where they went further than just friendship. Is it possible for them to recapture that encounter — to experience just one more night of pleasure?
Between Two Lovers by Thomas S Roche
Avery's finding this new polyamory thing challenging — mostly becauseshe can't stop thinking about getting her two boyfriends Luke and Jacob into bed at the same time. The big problem? The two aren't all that comfortable with each other, for obvious reasons. When Avery's shameless proposition for a three-way makes both guys revert to caveman status, it which puts Avery off the idea entirely — until the two men decide Avery's sex appeal is one thing the two of them can agree on — in embarrassingly explicit, deliciously titillating terms…
The Untouchable Tabby by Lana Fox
Back when Val was a student, she had a huge crush on her teacher, Tabby, and now they're meeting up again, Val hopes to seduce her. Tabby seems more than willing at first, but eventually proves so untouchable that Val almost gives up. Thank God for her bondage-buddy, Ray, who believes a night of passion is just what Tabby needs…
Proxy by Malin James
A man, for whom sex is a defining characteristic, finds himself in the disconcerting position of losing his sex drive after an accident lays him up. Desperate to see if it's gone for good, he calls his extremely attractive best friends. With their help, and that of his adorable, live-in nurse, he finds that not only is a full recovery possible, it's also an opportunity to try a few things that even he hasn't done before!
Saturday Night Takeaway by Josephine Myles
Beth is a generous woman, and when her boyfriend reveals his bi-curiosity she's more than happy to share him with another man for the night, provided she gets a share of the fun. Phil seems like the perfect candidate: sexy, charismatic and most definitely interested in Rob. The only trouble is, Beth just doesn't understand what he's trying to tell her and when he finally spells it out, things get very awkward. Fortunately, Rob has an idea that will make everyone happy…

The Favour by Leslie Lee Sanders
Jenna Madison is determined to keep her marriage full of spice. Convinced her husband is unhappy with their sex life, she searches for her husband’s high school buddy with hopes of restoring a little more than their friendship. Maybe the amazing Brandon Stone would do her a favour and provide the couple with the perfect amount of spice needed to save their marriage.
As You Wish by Heidi Champa
Trish is happy with her boyfriend, Jake. Her ex-boyfriend, Todd has become a friend, a part of her past that she remembers with fondness. Until one night after a party, when Jake makes an unusual request. Now, Trish needs to decide if she will grant Jake’s wish and let her past and present collide. For just one night.
Belonging by Justine Elyot
Tamara didn’t feel she belonged anywhere until she found someone to belong to. Now she is owned by married couple Paul and Danni, who have trained her to serve them in every way they require. On the five-year anniversary of their meeting, Tamara’s owners organise a special night of service, submission and reward, intent on showing her exactly where, and to whom, she belongs.
Three to Tango by Josie Jordan
Lauren’s shaking in her boots. And it’s not just because of the pounding bass beat. From across the crowded dance floor, his gaze holds hers. He’s gorgeous and he can’t seem to take his eyes off her. But how will he react when she invites him home with her … and her feisty friend Tia?
Wrong Number by Jean-Philippe Aubourg
Everything about Sarah’s new home and business is going well — everything apart from her new phone number. It used to belong to a down-market escort agency, and Sarah is thoroughly fed up with calls from seedy men in the small hours. But then she gets a call she never expected — a call from another girl. Carla is seeking a playmate to join her and her soldier boyfriend for a one-off threesome. Tempted, Sarah agrees, and the most amazing night of her life begins…

Three-for-All by Emma Richardson
Rick and Molly are deliciously in love — and definitely in lust. So it’s not as though these two gorgeous young New Yorkers wouldn’t have a good time on Rick’s birthday no matter what. It’s just that Molly wants to give Rick an extra special present tonight. As she stands on the balcony with him, feeling the cool night air kiss the skin above the tops of her sheer black stockings, she catches a glimpse of the party inside and spots a young woman they haven’t met — the shy, blush-cheeked Rose — and she has an idea …
Classifieds by Darla White
On a rare afternoon off, Jules finds herself answering an ad in the local paper under the Personals section. That very afternoon Jules arranges to meet with the mysterious and very kinky Mr and Mrs Gray at a seedy motel on the wrong side of town. Intrigued and apprehensive, Jules arrives at the motel, unsure of what to expect as she eagerly anticipates the arrival of her partners. It’s not long before Jules finds herself thrown into a stimulating, seductive afternoon filled with sex, passion and a carnal intensity that leaves her excited and euphorically breathless.
An Up-and-Coming Area by Elizabeth Coldwell
The run-down old pub on the corner gets a facelift, but it isn’t just the new facilities that tempt Robyn through the door. She can’t hide her attraction to Jordan, the cute young barman, and husband Jim is keen to see her seducing the lad. When she finds out Jordan offers an odd-job service, Robyn realises she has the perfect opportunity to find out just how handy he is …
Peter and Pierre by Alcamia Payne 
Martha’s life changes when Peter and Pierre, move into the neighbouring apartment. The boys are provocative and daring and Martha rapidly strikes up a passionate friendship with them, soon becoming drawn into their complex and volatile love life. They also become Martha’s unlikely saviours, when Martha, threatened with losing her apartment, accepts their offer of moving in with them, thus forming a curious ménage a trois. Peter and Pierre are going to be married though, so how will Martha fit into the future pattern of their lives? It seems they have a surprise in store for her.
The Fuck-Me Cabbie by Kay Jaybee
Oozing arrogance, Nathan claims to have fucked every female passenger, between the age of 18 and 50, that’s travelled in his taxi. The moment she spies him in the local bar, Sally hatches a plan to teach him a lesson. With the help of her lover, Jenny, she tricks the ‘Fuck-Me Cabbie’ into thinking he’ll be taking part in a threesome. Sally however, has another role in mind for him. While crammed into the back of his cab, a gagged, bound, and very turned on Nathan, helplessly watches the girls enjoy themselves. Then they introduce him to Lee…
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