Gill Books

Founded by Michael Gill in 1968, Gill Books, originally Gill & Macmillan, emerged as a beacon for Irish authors, earning praise from The Irish Times as a "welcome enterprise." Over the years, it became a home for acclaimed writers such as Noël Browne, Garrett Fitzgerald, Darina Allen, and Fintan O’Toole.

Spanning the Irish Zeitgeist, Gill Books has weathered both prosperous and challenging times, capturing every facet of Irish life. From the 1960s bestseller "Prayers of Life" to contemporary works like "The Pope’s Children" in 2005, each publication reflects a slice of its era.

The roots of Gill Books trace back to Michael Henry Gill, the great-great-grandfather, who, in 1856, purchased the publishing and bookselling business of James McGlashan. The bookshop, known as Gills, stood on Dublin’s O’Connell Street for 123 years, a testament to the enduring legacy of the Gill family in the literary landscape.

Through printing, publishing, and bookselling, Gill Books has consistently championed the belief that reading matters, leaving an indelible mark on Irish literature.
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