Janice Carlin

Janice Carlin

Janice Carlin, Ph.D. is an author, intuitive channel, teacher, and mom. She has a master's degree in Music: Conducting, and a Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition. She is a certified practitioner of Natural Health, Holistic Nutrition, and Holographic Sound Healing.
It is Janice's passion to empower people to live thriving lives in natural ways and to heal themselves and their children. Janice has deep experiential knowledge about the challenges of living on planet Earth as a highly sensitive empath. She walks her talk through her maintenance of a pure, clean diet and lifestyle. The channeled messages she shares cut through limiting beliefs to make room for people to be able to live with vitality, to heal themselves and their children, and to better our world. She is committed to sharing only that which is from, with, and within The Light in the highest benefit of all.

Janice uniquely bridges the gap between science and spirituality, teaching ways that sensitive people can work effectively with multidimensional energy to help themselves and their sensitive children to thrive. She channeled and developed a revolutionary and accessible way for people to work effectively with multidimensional energy for healing, clearing, and manifestation called The Foundations System. In it, she provides the three keys for being empowered to thrive, which are: Knowing who you really are on a soul level, or your Soul Energy Type; knowing how energy works; and knowing how to work with energy effectively and in alignment with The Light for the highest benefit of all. She teaches about Soul Energy Types to assist people in remembering their true purpose and mission for incarnating, as well as their personal, unique needs for being able to thrive.

Janice is also the author of The Foundations System, and the Light Knowledge series: Be Free, and Toward Ascension.

She can be found online at:
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