Kathleen Tudor

Kathleen Tudor

In 2010, Kathleen Tudor was working full time as a magazine writer (under a different name) and toying, very occasionally, with the idea of writing fiction. She wrote a piece called Navigator about a pair of women who learn to share an incredible emotional and sexual bond through the act of learning to co-pilot a starship, and after striking out once, sold it to Circlet Press, where it appeared in Like that Spark.Sad but true: It took two years of occasionally writing for calls and selling work for Kathleen to realize that her passion lay with fiction. She gave up non-fiction writing and hasn't looked back. That same year, early 2012, her very first sale, Navigator, was chosen for a Circlet Best-Of anthology, Fantastic Erotica.Kathleen's work has appeared in anthologies by Ravenous Romance, Xcite Books, Circlet Press, Cleis Press, Mischief from HarperCollins UK, and Storm Moon Books. She is also an editor with Circlet Press, and her first anthology, Like Hearts Enchanted, will be out later in 2012.Kathleen lives in California with her incredible partner and child, a dog, a cat, and a fish named Speedy. She enjoys the outdoors, including kayaking, hiking, and recharging on the beach, but her favorite activities remain writing, editing, and reading--not a day goes by that she doesn't do at least one of those!If you would like to contact Kathleen, please email PolyKathleen@gmail.com.

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