Paranormal Erotica, Giselle Renarde, Kathleen Tudor, Rose de Fer, Chrissie Bentley, Morgan Honeyman, Torrance Sené
Giselle Renarde,Kathleen Tudor,Rose de Fer,Chrissie Bentley,Morgan Honeyman,Torrance Sené

Paranormal Erotica

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Whether ghostly, magical, or demoniac these ten tales of sexy supernatural lovers will excite and enchant.
All new and original paranormal erotica from Mischief, featuring Rose de Fer, Scarlet Rush, Giselle Renarde and many more.
At a school for demoniac seduction, one pupil is more interested in captivating her tutor than topping the class…
On vacation, Sara and Marshall get adventurous and invite another to join them in bed, but there is far more to their mystery lover than either of them anticipated…
Auren is apprenticed to an alchemist and her education in the occult has begun to weave a spellbinding passion…
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