Nadine Dorries

Christmas on the Four Streets

The new heart-stopping instalment in the Four Streets saga, from the Sunday Times bestseller Nadine Dorries.

Christmas is coming to the Four Streets. But so is trouble. In the biting cold there is no work for the men on the docks, no food for their tough, resilient womenfolk to put on the table. Children go hungry. What wouldn't their mothers give for just one cuppa?

News comes of a tramp steamer making its slow way through the thick yellow fog of the Mersey. Ready for the men of the Four Streets to siphon off some of its precious cargo: tea, cigarettes, rum, rice, bananas and dried fruit, treasure to store in lucky shed 7 with its broken lock, before being shared out between hungry families.

There's just one problem. Copper Frank 'The Skank' Wright and his wife are moving into Tommy and Maura Doherty's old house and Frank is out for some high-profile arrests. Meanwhile, Tommy and Maura have heard the news and are on their way home from Ireland. There is always drama on the Four Streets. Especially at Christmas.
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