A Land Remembered, Patrick Smith
The Good Earth, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
Winter Roses, Anita Mills
Ride the Free Wind, Rosanne Bittner
Lady of Fire, Anita Mills
Tarnished Hearts, Raine Cantrell
The Dream of the Red Chamber, Xueqin Cao
The Four Streets, Nadine Dorries
Autumn Rain, Anita Mills
Falling Stars, Anita Mills
Sweet Prairie Passion, Rosanne Bittner
Fire and Steel, Anita Mills
Bittersweet, Anita Mills
The Fire and the Fury, Anita Mills
A Contract Engagement, Maya Banks
Embrace the Wild Land, Rosanne Bittner
River of Love, Rosanne Bittner
Eagle's Song, Rosanne Bittner
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