Elizabeth Coldwell,Victoria Blisse,Giselle Renarde,Heather Towne,Kathleen Tudor,Rose de Fer,Flora Dain,Cèsar Sanchez Zapata,Olivia London,Tenille Brown

Thrill Seekers: Erotic Encounters

Unusual situations, new lovers and rare opportunities to satisfy cherished fantasies. ‘Thrill Seekers’ has ten original sexy short stories guaranteed to surprise, delight and arouse your imagination.
A Mischief collection, featuring stories by Kathleen Tudor, Olivia London, Flora Dain, Elizabeth Coldwell, Rose de Fer and many more.
When a woman on the run climbs into a stranger’s Limousine she embarks on a memorable ride.
Cerise visits a notorious park after dark to conduct some unconventional research.
In the dead of night, Amy met Charles in a ruined castle, and now she never wants her captivity to end.
147 štampanih stranica


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