Malice, Keigo Higashino
Keigo Higashino


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“This smart and original mystery is a true page-turner… will baffle, surprise, and draw out suspicion until the final few pages. With each book, Higashino continues to elevate the modern mystery as an intense and inventive literary form.”

<text-author>—Library Journal (starred review)</text-author>

“Fiendishly clever… Higashino offers one twist after another… Readers will marvel at the artful way the plot builds to the solution.”

<text-author>—Publishers Weekly (starred review)</text-author>

Acclaimed bestselling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka is found brutally murdered in his home on the night before he’s planning to leave Japan and relocate to Vancouver. His body is found in his office, a locked room, within his locked house, by his wife and his best friend, both of whom have rock solid alibis. Or so it seems.

At the crime scene, Police Detective Kyochiro Kaga recognizes Hidaka’s best friend, Osamu Nonoguchi. Years ago when they were both teachers, they were colleagues at the same public school. Kaga went on to join the police force while Nonoguchi eventually left to become a full-time writer, though with not nearly the success of his friend Hidaka.

As Kaga investigates, he eventually uncovers evidence that indicates that the two writers’ relationship was very different that they claimed, that they were anything but best friends. But the question before Kaga isn’t necessarily who, or how, but why. In a brilliantly realized tale of cat and mouse, the detective and the killer battle over the truth of the past and how events that led to the murder really unfolded. And if Kaga isn’t able to uncover and prove why the murder was committed, then the truth may never come out.

Malice is one of the bestselling—the most acclaimed—novel in Keigo Higashino’s series featuring police detective Kyochiro Kaga, one of the most popular creations of the bestselling novelist in Asia.
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TONYje podelio/la utisakпре 9 месеци
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Holy shit this is so damn GOOD. Plot twists after plot twists completely blew my mind. One of my favorite authors!

ANDje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године

nice plot twist!

👍Vredna čitanja
🚀Čita se u jednom dahu

OMG it left me speechless moment when i know the real motive is! Such a plot twist is! 😱😱

always made me uncomfortable to have people read my stuff in front of me.
I can’t tell you why I did what I did when I did it.
the peaked gables

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