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The Anxiety Handbook

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Anxiety is one of the number one mental health conditions affecting American adults, and one that many people suffer through alone.

Anxiety, stress, and overwhelming negative emotions can get in the way of a fulfilling and rewarding life. But this shouldn't have to be the case. The Anxiety Handbook is your guide to confronting and working through your anxiety, and experiencing calm you never thought possible. Whether you've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or you're simply having trouble managing anxious feelings, you can start controlling your anxiety and feeling better soon. The Anxiety Handbook will help you achieve immediate relief from anxiety, and create a straightforward pathway for long-term change.

The Anxiety Handbook is your first step toward overcoming anxiety with:

* 7 basic steps to help you understand, manage, and overcome your anxiety

* An overview of the symptoms and causes of anxiety

* Real-life strategies for coping with daily anxiety-inducing triggers

* Easy-to-follow tips on learning to manage your thoughts and behavior in the situations that cause the most stress

* Long-term lifestyle changes to keep your anxiety away for good

Anxiety is a treatable condition, and The Anxiety Handbook is your complete guide to taking positive steps toward permanent relief.
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    one of the easiest ways to develop an anxiety disorder.
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    If you don’t get to try out many activities—activities where there’s a chance you would get defeated or rejected—then there’s less room for you to develop your emotional coping muscles in preparation for these types of situations.
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    ” The main characteristic of agoraphobia is anxiety when in places where escape is difficult or awkward (e.

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