Liz Quish

Overcoming Self-harm and Suicidal Thinking

Crisis Counsellor Liz Quish presents this practical guide for parents and others caring for young people who engage in self-harming and suicidal thinking based on her many years of working with vulnerable teenagers. Filled with insight and advice, her book offers a uniquely integrated, whole-person approach, focusing on all aspects of wellbeing: social, emotional and physical; outlines the purpose and function of self-harming behaviours and dispels the myths about self-harm while also offering strategies to support a teenager who self-harms; and offers key insights into suicide risk factors and preventative measures while also providing guidance for those who have lost a loved one through suicide or who are supporting a person through a suicide bereavement.
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    teenager who has suicidal ideation is extremely vulnerable and distressed and in need of immediate attention.
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    Suicidal ideation’ is the term used to describe thoughts about ending a person’s own life
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    Engaging in self-harm can cause more distress as the person embarks on a vicious cycle of trying to hide his/her wounds and scars coupled with feelings of guilt and shame, thus exacerbating the distress and turmoil that prompted the self-harming initially.

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