The Laws of Love, Chris Prentiss
Chris Prentiss

The Laws of Love

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Great relationships are not an accident. Having the relationship of your dreams does not depend on luck-on the roll of the relationship dice. It's the result of knowing the right steps to take to create an enduring, fulfilling friendship with your partner.

In this wise and practical work, Chris Prentiss, author of the popular Zen and the Art of Happiness, shows exactly how to create the relationship you desire by working with 14 powerful laws of love-time-tested principles that for thousands of years have brought soul-drenching happiness to those who have followed them.

Prentiss combines compelling storytelling and empowering truths with targeted action steps to help you build a loving, long-lasting relationship. You'll learn important keys such as how to provide Safe Space, who is attracted to you and why, the purpose behind your partnership, the power of your beliefs, how to heal unhealthy patterns from the past that affect you and your partner today, and how to save a troubled relationship or decide if you should move on.

Even in the most challenging of times that come to us all, The Laws of Love will give you the tools you need to sustain a rewarding relationship-one where great joy is experienced, great deeds are accomplished, and, most importantly, great love is returned.
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you must first admit to yourself that something about the way you’ve been operating has to be incorrect
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve…. Your only limitations are those which you set up in your own mind or permit others to set up for you.

∼ NAPOLEON HILL (1883–1970)
“The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.”
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Iris Božić
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