The Art of Problem Solving, Robert H. Nelson
Robert H. Nelson

The Art of Problem Solving

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You likely use problem solving every day. It is often taken for granted. People do not realize just how wonderful and important problem solving is. Most people do not even recognize it as a skill. In fact, most of the time, problem solving is just second nature.

Problem solving can actually be defined as an art. The art of problem solving is something that we learn at a very young age. It helps us through life and is something we could not live without. Being able to solve problems is a life skill. It is important and it should be taken seriously to get the best results from it.

Looking at problem solving as an art can help you to become more appreciative of it. You can begin to use problem solving to its full potential and really respect that problem solving is important. You just need to learn more about problem solving as a skill and an art.

Problem solving is a fixture in life. You have to be able to solve problems. Problems pop up every day. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are large. Sometimes solving a problem is a matter of life and death and other times it is merely a matter of keeping your sanity. Regardless of why you need problem solving, you cannot deny that you need it.

If you are a parent, then problem solving is a skill you no doubt could not live without. Children are full of problems and as the parent, it is up to you to help them find the solution. Sometimes you have to be creative because problems that come up can sometimes be quite difficult to solve without a little creative thinking. The same can be said in business. Businesses have plenty of problems and it is up to the employees to find a way to solve those problems.
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This could be written in much shorter form. Just general stuff.

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child approaches a problem with an open mind. That is probably not something you do. You probably approach a problem with some preconceived notions about how it is all going to end. You probably come at it with a negative attitude and look at the problem as an annoyance. A child, on the other hand, looks at it as a challenge. They think of a problem as a great mystery and are excited about solving it.
Fkh chaos
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Give up the Negative
One of the keys to becoming a good problem solver is to give up the negative. You have to approach problem solving in a positive way or you will never get anywhere. Many times people approach a problem with their mind already made up that they will never solve it. If you think you cannot do something, chances are you will fail when you try. You have to think positively. You have to go at a problem, thinking “I can solve this, no problem”.
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familiarity with problem solving that leads up to take it for granted and to not be creative with our problem solving anymore.
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