A Stranger Came Ashore, Mollie Hunter
Mollie Hunter

A Stranger Came Ashore

When Finn Learson staggers out of a stormy sea into a village on the Shetland Isles, he brings a secret with him. While the other villagers are enchanted by the stranger, Robbie suspects he's hiding something. Haunted by tales of the Selkie Folk, Robbie sees the clues everywhere — the strange coin, the missing ship, Finn's love for Robbie's sister and her golden hair. But can Robbie convince the others in time to save his sister?
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Apoorva Bansal
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Candela González Lara
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Candela González Lara
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Each night after that she lay awake for a long time, uneasily listening to the way the old man’s breath wheezed and rattled in his chest.
Searlaít Ní Ceallaígh
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His nose was big and beaky. His skin was swarthy. His eyes glittered in a sharp and knowing way. He was tall, but very thin and stooped, and he dressed always in black. Besides which, he always wore a tattered, black, schoolmaster’s gown that flapped from his shoulders like a raven’s wings. And like the raven, he was solitary in his habits.

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