Robin Sacredfire

Karma and Dharma: Why Life is Beautiful and Worth Living

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There is a relation between karma and money, between the life you have and the one you should be having.

Knowledge is never as important as awareness and, along the way of knowing how both concepts relate, we’re brought forth towards our own need for enlightenment.

This is what is here proposed, a study of our own conscience, in order to understand how we create and repeat our karmic manifestations, while seeing how they can be changed in order to manifest a completely new life and outcome, one in which there is more love, health and abundance.

Conscience is what allows enlightenment, and such state or, at least, potential, becomes crucial as a tool to manifest our desires. There’s not much that an undiscerning mind can see, and yet, for the one that is spiritually blind, not much can be accomplished.

Most of what we perceive as being far from our reality, in a long distant future, is already presenting itself in front of us, in the form of those that have the wisdom we need. We merely need to recognize them, identify them and acknowledge their role in our existence, reason why karma shows itself correlated to wisdom. One cannot exist without the other.

Knowing this is allowing ourselves the gift of opportunity to be happy and see how we’ve been missing the many blessings that life has always been offering.

We can learn to apply the spiritual laws to make them work in our favor and this is the path towards such amazing and very rare achievement.
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    You must be part of the world while detached from it to truly comprehend life.

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